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The limits of my perception are the limits of my world

“Let us fix our attention out of ourselves as much as possible: let us chase our imagination to the heavens, or to the utmost limits of the universe; we never really advance a step beyond ourselves, nor can conceive any... Continue Reading →


Human Beings are like Rivers

“One of the commonest and most generally accepted delusions is that every man can be qualified in some particular way -- said to be kind, wicked, stupid, energetic, apathetic, and so on. People are not like that. We may say... Continue Reading →


46. Know thyself is at once the easiest and most difficult injunction to follow. The flux is ever present, ...

I Enjoy my Sinking in this Sea

“I go on to compare that infinite silence with this voice, and I remember the eternal and the dead seasons, and the living present, and its sound, so that in this immensity my thoughts are drowned, and I enjoy my... Continue Reading →

The Great Felix Mendelssohn

"It is not that music is too imprecise for words, but too precise."

I have always been the World

"I am all that is, and that was, and that shall be, and no mortal hath raised the veil from before my face." According to Plutarch, this was inscribed on a statue of Athena, which was thought to be the... Continue Reading →

Culture and Value

In art it is hard to say anything as good as: say nothing. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value


17. Philosophy gives you your freedom through its reductio ad absurdum descent into absolute skepticism. Boundless space lies before you, infinitely empty, infinite nothingness. Your existence itself is your power: every breath and every thought, every feeling and imagining, all... Continue Reading →

Time and Tempo

226. "The ability to understand and appreciate human creativity depends on whether one is able to rise to a new level of awareness, a spontaneous open-mindedness and rushing forth with time itself. Yet is this not also the essential characteristic... Continue Reading →

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